Playhouse Halloween Friday Tickets

Location: 6506 Hollywood Blvd
Venue: Playhouse Nightclub
Time: 10:00pm-3:00am
Price: $30.00
Status: Available
26 Oct 2018 Friday
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Unleash early with the Playhouse Purge Friday Fright Night this Halloween weekend; Oct 26th.
This is not a test. This is your LA hot spot, Playhouse Nightclub, announcing the commencement of the 7 Nights of The Purge sanctioned by the Hollywood elite. Playhouse table service guests have been granted immunity from the Purge and shall not be harmed.
Commencing at 10pm, all madness is legal on Oct 25 with DJ dancing, bottle poppin’ and pure debauchery available till 3am. Blessed be our Playhouse Dolls and Ballers; a nightlife reborn. Your Official Halloween destination, Playhouse, thanks you for your participation.
Hate lines? Buy early discount tickets and skip lines straight into the club. Tickets are limited so act fast and buy now!