Boulevard3 Halloween 2016 Deadhaus

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Venue: Boulevard3
Time: 9:00pm-2:00am
Price: $50-$75
Status: Available
29 Oct 2016 Saturday
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This Halloweekend, Boulevard3 becomes DEADHAUS, a Zombie bordello catering to the desires of both the living and the dead. Zombie vaccination shots shall be administered upon entrance to protect you from what lurks inside our walls. Prepare to Blaze in the Maze and play with your friends in the Zombie Escape photo booth. Move your body, or someone else, to the sounds of L.A.'s best Open Format DJ Wreckineyez! You can party like a rock star, anytime. But, you can only Party like a Zombie at DEADHAUS!!! Be prepared to be scared!!! #Boulevard3 #Halloween2016 #Deadhaus #HalloweenLA #djwreckineyez #halloweenevents